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Get to Know Our Coaches! - Kelli Dewey

Name: Kelli Dewey

Swam At: Grand Haven High School,

Oakland University

Coaches At: Tweak

Favorite Stroke?

Freestyle, its what I seemed to excel the most at and loved the speed of it.

Favorite Pool?

IUPUI. I had my first swim-off here and some of my best races.

Favorite Swimmer?

I got to meet Dara Torres once which was really cool, but growing up there were two swimmers both named Abbey a few years older than me who I always looked up to.

Favorite Race Memory?

Tough call between my freshman year prelim swim for the 50 free and my senior year last relay of the meet against Eastern when we had to go 1,2 in order to win the meet by 2 points. Those moments it’s so loud you can’t hear the crowd yelling instead you feel them is such a cool feeling.

Favorite Swim Set?

Any set but kicking! I always enjoyed challenging sets that had you breathing hard and forced you to mentally push through the whole practice.


Here at tweak our staff of coaches are knowledgeable, friendly, and professional; helping you on your way to swimming smarter, healthier, and faster! Book a swim analysis at either of our locations and select which coach you would like to work with you at a time that best works for you!

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